Product & Service

Private Placement

Prime Bank Investment Limited assists in capital raising through private placement that involves the Sale of Securities to a relatively small number of Eligible Investors. Investors involved in private placements can include large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, provident funds, pension funds, corporates, primary dealers, Non-Resident Bangladeshis and individuals.

Our services under Private Placement includes

  • Preparation of the Information Memorandum of respective Issuer.
  • Provide Due Diligence Certificate of agreements and documents.
  • Collect complete Offer Document(s) based on the information.
  • Coordinate the documentation for issuance of the securities.
  • Assist Issuer in fund raising.
  • Resolve any legal and regulatory issues as raised.
  • Coordinate works with various regulatory authorities, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bangladesh Bank, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC).
  • Submit application with all complete set of documents to the BSEC and Stock Exchange(s) for approval.
  • Continues communication with the BSEC on all issues after application.
  • Provide post Issue Management Services.

Some of Our Work History

Here is List of Major Achievements of PBIL Over The Last Few Years
Role of PBIL Clientele Activity Year
Lead Arranger & Issue Manager AI-Arafah Islami Bank Limited 2nd Mudaraba Subordinated Bond Issue Price Tk.5,00,000 (Total bond size Tk.500 crore) Private Placement 2018
Lead Arranger Union Bank Mudaraba Subordinated Bond Issue Price Tk.10,000,000 (Total bond size Tk.400 crore) Private Placement 2018