Product & Service

Registrar to the Issue

Prime Bank Investment Limited acts as the Registrar to the Issue for rendering services as required by the Public Issue Rules, 2015.

Our services under Registrar to Issue includes

  • Ensure due compliance of the Book-building procedures and the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (Public Issue) Rules, 2015.
  • Coordinate all other actions necessary for completing the post-issue functions or to comply with the regulatory requirements with the support of Issuer.
  • Coordinate for completing the post-issue processing activities for public issue of the Company within the stipulated time as specified by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Complete all statements and ensure timely delivery of them to the relevant authorities /organizations.
  • Deliver one soft copy of entire database of all applications to the Company in the format and headings specified by the Company.
  • Assist for conduction of Road Show.

Some of Our Work History

Here is List of Major Achievements of PBIL Over The Last Few Years
Role of PBIL Clientele Activity Year
Registrar to the Issue Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited (Under process) IPO (Book Building) 2018
Registrar to the Issue Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited IPO (Book Building) 2017