Product & Service


Underwriting is an important "Primary Market Activity" performed by each Investment Bank. Prime Bank Investment Limited as a Full-Fledged Investment Bank has a long history of providing Underwriting service.

Our services under Underwriting includes

  • Evaluation and assessment of the issue’s Underwriting Offering.
  • Provide Due Diligence Certificate of agreements and documents.
  • Coordinate the documentation for Underwriting Agreements.
  • In case of undersubscription, subscribe the said amount.

Some of Our Work History

Here is List of Major Achievements of PBIL Over The Last Few Years
Role of PBIL Clientele Activity Year
Underwriter Aman Tex Limited IPO 2018
Underwriter Dragon Sweater & Spinning Limited IPO 2018
Underwriter Modern Steel Mills Limited IPO 2018
Underwriter IPDC Finance Limited Right Issue 2018
Underwriter IDLC Finance Right Issue 2017
Underwriter GPH Ispat Limited Right Issue 2016
Underwriter Aman Feed Limited IPO 2015
Underwriter Western Marine Shipyard Limited IPO 2014
Underwriter Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Limited IPO 2014
Underwriter Summit Purbanchol Power Company Limited IPO 2013
Underwriter Orion Pharma Limited IPO 2013
Underwriter Fareast Finance & Investment Limited IPO 2013
Underwriter GBB Power Limited IPO 2012
Underwriter Keya Cosmetics Limited Right Issue 2012
Underwriter MJL Bangladesh Limited IPO (Book Building) 2011
Underwriter Barakatullah Electro Dynamics Limited IPO 2011