Dive into the world of investment with PrimeInvest Youth, a specially crafted investment scheme designed to empower Young Turks aged between 18-25. For young earners, this monthly investment plan can be the best way to fulfill long-term future goals through the power of compounding. They can enjoy the compounding returns of MIP, given their ample time to achieve their future goals. PrimeInvest Youth – where time is on your side for compounding success!

Why invest with PrimeInvest Youth Monthly Investment Plan?
  • Kickstart investment journey with a monthly investment plan, starting at just BDT 500/-
  • Enjoy a flexible tenure of 3 years and beyond
  • Start early and experience the power of compounding
  • Enabling a disciplined approach to grow wealth
  • Creating a habit of monthly investment with full online process
  • Securing your life goals while you are having fun
Required Documents
  • Copy of NID/Passport
  • Passport Size Photograph (both A/C holder and Nominee)
  • Copy of Cheque leaf/Bank Statement
  • Copy of E-TIN
  • Proof of your work in abroad
Key Features
  • Tenure of 3 years and upward
  • Starts with as low as BDT 5 Lacs only
  • Experienced Fund Managers
  • Tax Rebate
Required Documents
  • NID verification
  • Mobile number
  • Bank details
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the applicant
  • TIN Certificate (if any)
  • Details of Nominee


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Performance Scheme

Capital Protected Scheme

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